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Related article: Date : Wed, December 13, 2008 21 08th 25 -0500 From: Mitchell excite u003cknightmitchell. com u003e Subject: Bridge to Terabithia Russian Lolita Distribution This story is inspired by the movie Bridge to Terabithia. in the movie s, the character of Jess Aarons was played by Josh Hutcherson and Aaron Jack character was played by Robert Patrick. It was filmed at the time of the movie Josh was about thirteen, so I'm using this in this age story about the age of the character in the book that was ten years old, however. Josh definitely saw a few years more than ten in the film. The comments are especially welcome and encouragement. Have fun ! "Bridge to Terabithia Breakdown" Mitchell Knight was two days after Leslie 's best friend, Jess Aarons, died tragically in the nearby river. It was early in the morning, Jack Aarons, Jess' father sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Jess 's mother had taken all the girls and the n baby to buy food. It was weird this quiet in the house, and Jack enjoyed every minute of it. Outside it was raining heavily. is ot the rain just started about five minutes. As Jack knew Jess was sleeping upstairs. Jack was able to in very easy for your child because of the recent loss of his best friend n, that allows children to sleep in. His son, domestic work, wait until later. Jack was a little bit about how the child is the first major concern the loss of his life. So far, it appeared that Jess felt only avoid anything about it, and Jack had not seen his child, even a tear. Suddenly Jack heard heavy footsteps on the back porch. back door opened and Jesus came into the kitchen. Jack took the head n and saw his son standing in a soaked T -shirt and shorts. Water dripped from her hair on the face. Jack realizes that Jess slipped out of the house, before Jack had risen. Jess likes to go to running in the early morning hours. Then he stood in the rain and stuck was now soggy. " The storm came from nowhere," said Jack. Continue Jess just to be still there at the door. Jack for the first time Jess 's face is pinched and noticed putrefaction, and some of the moisture in the face with tears coming out of his eyes s. Oh, " Jess," said Jack quietly, leaped from his chair to go of his son. Jack put his arms around his 13-year -old son and moved teenager against his body. Jess grabbed the back of the shirt of her father with both hands and wept silently on his shoulder. " is gone," sobbed Jess. " I know my son. " Jack put his right hand and patted his son wet brown hair. Jess started weak, trembling in the body of his father. " You're freezing," said Jack. "Come on, let's get in the tub before catching pneumonia. " When Jack turned away, said, Jesus was dripping on the floor. " You better get out of these clothes before leaving all home, Jac "k chosen. Jess stood there and continued to mourn in silence. It seemed dazed in the midst of emotional crisis, to do otherwise. Jack threw it in the bottom of Jess ' T -shirt and pulled her upper body. Jess unconsciously raised his arms and let your father pull the shirt over the head of his s arms, revealing her flat chest and small nipples, pink. Jack is a tangle of brown hair under each arm shortly before Jess dropped her arms again. Jack felt a sudden warmth in the chest as love and affection s for his son overwhelmed him. Had more than eight years since then Jack finally got his son to swim. The image of her sweet young child came into him shortly. Then Jack knelt down and tied his running shoes and pulled his son of each. Jess co raised each leg as the shoe and sock removed. After Jess was standing in his bare feet, Jack put his hands to his s in the short button Jess. as Jess felt his father is opposedRaue finger at the waist, was a quick pang of shame, that his father was undressing. , but there was something comforting about this fact made ​​him feel even feel safe and loved, it was exactly what I needed. The embarrassment faded quickly as his father unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and put on his legs slightly hairy. As Jesus came out of his pants, he looked straight ahead, Jack was in the middle of your child's shorts white rider watching. He was able to , see the lump on the penis of her son and find the balls. The water had soaked a both sides of most wet underpants. Jack nervously becomes subject elastic waist. It was years ago n since he had last seen her son naked. Jack slowly pulled his wet underwear to reveal his Son of an inch in flaccid penis ball sack without cutting and tight. His foreskin hanging little over the top. At the base of Jess 's cock was a little bush of curly hair brown. Jess lifted each leg of his father pulled his underwear. Then Jess hands crossed in front of him and started rubbing each arm s that trembled more. " Yes, you have to freeze. Come in a little warm water," said Jack. put an arm around his son and pulled him. is together quickly to the bathroom. Jack closed the door behind them and s quickly turn the tap and adjust the tap, the water began to warm spill. Jack put the drain. " Come inside," said Jack, his son helps him in the bathtub. hot water slowly began crawling around the legs of his son and Sole as Jess was sitting in the white tub. Jack reached for the shampoo and soap, s in the groin by the shower head and put the edge of the tub near the head of Jesus. Once the tub was a few inches from the tip, Jack fills off the tap water n. at this time, Jess had left to mourn and sat solemnly in the bathtub, leaned knees to his chest and his arms around her. saw with his father, with his sad brown puppy - dog eyes and asked, " Will you have a bath with me? " Jack was not sure if your child remembers, but when I was Jess young, Jack occasionally near him in the bathtub at night. Sometimes it was a received by all women to escape the house. It could seek solace in the warm cocoon of the bathroom with another man at home. with his son play in the bathtub, Jack let the hot water to wash their concerns removed. " Sure," replied Jack. proceeded to undress. Jess looked with mild interest, as his father's hairy muscular chest was revealed. Then it was Jack rapid depletion of their pants and underwear, exposing his three -inch, circumsized penis thin and thick mop of brown pubic hair. Jess pushed her ass forward in the cockpit to accommodate his father. Jack stepped carefully into the pan and slowly sat on his son. Jess back again, and felt comforted in the arms of her father wrapped in the chest, and is against her father 's hairy chest. After Jack stopped for a moment and asked, " Should I wash your Hair" " " Well, Jesus said, nodding n With wet hair and that of Jesus. escape the rain, Jack only grabbed the shampoo and sprayed something in his hand. slowly soaping hair Jess'. "dunk your hair in the water," suggested Jack, when it took place. Jess slid forward until he could lean back in the water. son Jack put his hands on his shoulders while rinsing your hair foam n. as Jess put on the back, Jack grabbed the soap and foam bar to hands. walked slowly to the soft skin of the back of his son. Then Jesus washed the foam back. Jack took his son back to his chest and foam Jess ' s arms and then rinsed off. "" Raise your arms, said Jack. known Jess, and Jack wash your child's shoulders and then ran to hands with soap on the skin soft Jess 's chest and abdomen. s after rinsing From the field, Jack put his hand under theWater and rubbed sparse pubic hair at the base of the cock of Jesus. Jack was so proud that your child is growing into adulthood and I regret that the child used to to swim no more. Jack and his fingers moved lower on the shaft of the cock of Jesus. then retracted foreskin of Jesus and rotate your finger around the exposed head. " Remember that this cleanup," said Jack. " Yes. " Jack fingers continued to revolve around the head of the cock Jess. Like any teenager, Jess tail dropped rapidly in response to contact. " Oh," Jess fought, he left his father and his erection with his hands. " OK," muttered Jack, Jess away against his body. " Every man is done. " Jack gently took his hands and grabbed his cock Jess ' n thin, four- inch mounting between two fingers. Jess pushed his left arm in the back and put his father's limp cock and balls in hand. "You do not," said Jess. " If you continue THAt is. " Jess stroked the shaft with your fingers and then tickles her head. glue felt Jack begin to grow slowly, while playing with him. Now extends in all its length, hard. Jess slipped in the bath, ass squeak against the floor of the tub. Once before his father, eyes Jess n ' together with the construction of six inches between the legs of his father. about two inches that out of the water. "is too small for me? "Jess asked. As an outsider, most of his life, Jess did not see the usual ways of seeing other people naked, so I knew is not, as he s in comparison with other. "is not all," protested Jack. "Yours is normal. N In a year or sell two is as big or bigger than mine. " " Really? "Questions Jesus calm, but not sure if I could believe what soon be as big as his father. ", I promise. " " I can wash now? "Asked Jess. " Sure. " Jess took the soap and lather hands. Then it has n leaned forward and ran her hands over her father 's hairy chest and stomach. cupping water in their hands, the soap is rinsed breast Jack. then, he put his hands under the water and ran through the shaft of his father erection. " Is it possible that... um... an idiot... too ? " Asked Jess. Jack sees the answer for a while. "If the penis feels sore, You should probably play for a while. But usually, you can boot a couple of times per day without hurting it. I remember when I was about your s age who masturbate several times a day. I think my record was about six ot seven times in one day. " " seven times " Jack chuckled. ". Yes What is your record Jess saw his father He answered shyly :". Four. " " Some of you, because then the white, "Jack teased him. Smiled n Jess. " also depends on how you masturbate. If you use the lotion or baby oil is rubbed Russian Lolita against the skin to keep it. comments' S, Jess. "" "Until now I never felt that it hurt when I do I can also say if they leave red marks on the skin. ªThat is, if You need to turn back for a day or two. " Russian Lolita " I do not think I have no red mark, "said Jess, the eyes of s became its own tail. " I can take a look, "offered Jack. " Get up. " Jess got up and went to his father. Jack came to his right hand grabbed the erection of his son in his base. The tip of the erection of the Jess was only inches from the face of Jack. Jack examines the full body of her son 's cock out of his head is reddish-pink at the base. that marveled that he believes that these beautiful people and helped perfect shot. Jack leaned forward and stuck his tongue out, swiping your finger over the erection end of Jess directly to the slot. "Ahh," whispered Jess pleasure. Lively, Jack twirled his tongue around the head once and then slowly inserted his son 's cock in the mouth. took him in the middle \\ \\ n in the mouth and then slid it slowly nodded n between the lips. on his second voyage, wet his lips to the end the base, where he met Jess pubic bone. Jack retired to head back and put his hands in slightly hairy legs Jess and around your plump, wet ass cheeks. Jack quickly sat up and down movement of the erection of Jess with his s mouth. Jack applying gentle suction, and pressing the tongue against the end of Jess 's cock. You could say that your child started in the vicinity, his cuming air to reach faster and her hips began to move nursing time with Jack. Jack grabs hold of Jess 's ass and go move faster on his cock. Hands suddenly Jess shoulders of his father hugged her as his body tensed itself. A load moan came from the mouth Jess as her orgasm took over her body. His cock throbbed in Jack s mouth, and Jack swallowed the hot milk, salty spring from her son s cock. After four or five fights, cock shrugged Jess' a few times n and then stopped. Jack licked the tip of the cock from her son and then subtracted. Jess looked at his fatherwith a dazed expression, but the content in their eyes. "I feel better now? " Asked Jack. Jess nodded vigorously. Jack smiled and patted his son 's ass and then gently remove your hands. Sat Jess cautiously back into the tub, before his father. His eyes returned to her father's penis, still stands in care between their legs. " I can have on you ? " Jess asked. ", if desired. No. I just got this for you," replied Jack n. " No, no, I will try. " "Okay, do more. " Jack jumped over the ledge of the tub, his six -inch \\ \\ n erection bright water. Jess slid forward and lowered his head down between the legs of his father. Jack put his right hand around the base of his erection potatoes and temporarily put his tongue in his head and gave him a n to lick a long time. A copy of his father, he opened his mouth and pushed his head into it. Then again was pushed forward as far as I could fit about four of length hard inch of his father in the mouth. As Jess pulledand then slid back until the head of his father s cock touched his neck, Jack put his hands on the back of Jess ' n head and pushed him to animate. Jess was not much pressure to use his mouth, but it felt good. " Ouch ! " Jack said teeth scraped against his shaft. " Sorry," apologized to Jess embarrassed and smiled. " Just watch the teeth. " Jess was launched with enthusiasm to his father again sucking cock removed. Jack twisted fingers into wet hair and push Jess further his son's head on his erection. While Jack 's warm and soft n enjoyed opening of the tail, he realized that his son has no experience, weak the mouth was not enough to carry it out. "Want to try something else ? " Jack asked. Jess sat back and nodded. N "Okay, turn around, and four legs," Jack instructed. Jess raised his eyebrows questioningly, but said nothing. that s turned around and leaned on his hands in the water. Jack twi Hahntched with excitement, when his son was pudgy cheeks, soft handed. He stepped forward and ran his right hand on the flesh the right cheek. Jack took the soap and lather hands. separated ' cheek and poked with a finger gently on Jess ' Jess folded pink hole. Jack moved the index finger in a circle around the hole and pushed only Russian Lolita occasionally to get too much of your fingers into the narrow hole Jess used to tip. After some circles, foaming only your index finger and slowly pushed to the first joint Jess 's ass. " feel good? " Said Jack, making this small part of your finger on it. " Yes," said Jess. Jack arrived there with his other hand and felt between the legs of his son s is. As expected, the cock of their labor were difficult Jess again. The wonders of puberty. As slowly pushing a finger in the ass over Jess, Jack lazy son stroked his erection. On her finger was totally in the ass of his s, Jack twisted around him andn is removed. Lathered hands and then returned again to the year of Jack with his thumb. Apparently, in easy, and Jack found that can easily slip into the background in Jack slowly worked two fingers in the ass of Jesus ', while his other hands slowly stroking his dick son. Jess did not really know what was going on , but he enjoyed the feelings I had, and loved all all the attention from his father. After Jack sank to the bottom two fingers, which brought them out, and Jess decided it was resolved to the real thing. Jack foam his erection and then knelt behind Jess. He aimed his cock pushed into the hole Jess and forth. The head came into contact with the undulating Opening Jack and apply more pressure to close the hole until went down and his head fell in "Ahhh !" Exclaimed Jess pain Butt injection, your spine. "Okay, just relax," said Jack, patted his son back, and stroke n reached between the legs of Jesus ' hHahn is back. Jack pushed a little more, getting a few inches from the axis of the of his son. "Ahhh! " Said Russian Lolita Jess 's ass fired again, as if it were a fire. that tries to move to escape the train of her father, but Jack grabbed the shoulder of his s, to keep it in place. Russian Lolita " just get by. It will not hurt so soon. Move like you have a dump ", said Jack. Jess bit her lower lip and squinted as he tried to block , the pain. Jack slowly slid a few inches in the Jess and waited. was the rest of his cock slid slowly into her dark pubic hair Bush hit against his son in the ass. The pain was mostly hidden, and even Jess felt a tickle with glee when her father took her little cock. Jack then slipped to the middle and pushed forward again. When he began to slowly pulling his son, his hand stroking the cock Jess. Jess has used There he began to push against her father 's cock on each thrust in the ass n. It was fun, now radiating from her crotch Friom his father stroking and ass, like the tail of his father rubbed his stomach. Jack quickly got lost in the beating of the tight hole of his son. This was damn much better than anything I had had in years. Forgotten Take care and drive deeper and faster than her orgasm built. Jess came first, the pet and hitting his second orgasm in less than 15 minutes. Cum bubbles from the head of his cock n , as they moved. Two small boats slipped into the hand of his father. When Jesus came, the muscles tense up your ass, stop to repeats in the tail of Jack. With a few strokes, Jack complained aloud as wine. His cock spat several shots of cum in the ass of Jesus. After fact, Jack retired and left. " Are you okay? " Jack asked. "I would not have hurt you Russian Lolita ?" Looked Jess over his shoulder and smiled. "No, I'm fine. " "Okay. Come on, let dry. " Jack out of the tub and pulled the plug to drain the water. took some towels and gently DRIEd his son as he When he was little. Jack gave him a kiss on the top of his head. " I love you boy. You will be fine. "
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